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Chicago’s Polish Downtown, Victoria Granacki, Arcadia Publishing, 2004

The Fourth Partition: Chicago’s Polish Immigrants at the Dawn of the 20th Century, film 2013

Various Books by Dominic Pacyga e.g. Polish Immigrants and Industrial Chicago: Workers on the South Side, 1880-1922, U of Chicago Press, 1991

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From Kresy-Siberia Foundation and Author/Researcher Donna Solecka Urbikas

Stalin's Ethnic Cleansing in Eastern Poland. Tales of the Deported, 1940-1946

Kacperek, Bronia and Whittle, Eric J. (translators). Association of the Families of the Borderland Settlers, London, 2000, ISBN 1872286887. LC Catalog #D810 D5
Available through Veritas Bookshop,
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From Siberia to America: A Story of Survival and Success

Frusztajer, Boruch (Bronek)
University of Scranton Press (February 1, 2008)
ISBN-10: 1589661559, ISBN-13: 978-1589661554

The General Langfitt story - Polish refugees recount their experiences of exile, dispersal, and resettlement

The General Langfitt story - Polish refugees recount their experiences of exile, dispersal, and resettlement

Albrook, Maryan.
Canberra, Australian Govt. Pub. Serv., 1995.
ISBN 0644357819. LC Catalog #D810 D5

Man is Wolf to Man

Bardach, Janusz.
University of California Press. 1998,
ISBN-10 : 0684840464
ISBN-13 : 978-0684840468
ISBN 0520221524

The Persian Blanket - The Life of Janina Milek

Born in Poland in 1921 Janina Milek was transported with her family to Siberia in the freezing winter of 1940. She worked hard in the labour camps for nearly two years until the changing fortunes of the war offered relative freedom. There followed eight years as a refugee, in camps in Uzbekistan, Persia, Northern Rhodesia, and Tanganyika. At every stage of the journey members of her family fell away, perished, were left behind, took other roads. In 1950 Janina arrived in Western Australia, alone. When Janina entered Tim Chappell’s young life they formed an instant bond. Tim has interwoven Janina’s extraordinary story with poignant, often amusing, cameos of the Janine he knew as he was growing up. This is a true story of courage and determination, of the will to survive, and the value of freedom.

Chappell, Tim. Fremantle Arts Centre Press, published in 2004
ISBN111 92073 144 X | ISBN13 9 781920 731441

The Inhuman Land

Czapski, Joseph. London, Polish Cultural Foundation, 1987. Reprint of 1951 Edition. 
ISBN 0850651646

(New) The Inhuman Land: Searching for the Truth in Soviet Russia

NYRB Classics, 2018, ISBN-10 : 1681372568,
ISBN-13 : 978-1681372563

Bronia - the memoirs of Bronia 'Bernice' Polakowska Czarnoski

Czarnoski, Bernice. (as told by Mary O'Brien Tyrrell). St Paul, Minn., Memoirs, 2000. 
LC Catalog # F605.1 C99

Beyond the Urals

Dangerfield, E.
London, British League for European Freedom, 1946. Facsimile. 1993 Reprint by Ormskirk, Lanc., T. Lyster. ISBN 1871482127

Seeds in the Storm (NZ)

In August 1939 Stanislaw Dabrowski was a 19 year old accounting student working part-time in his family bakery business in Lwów, Poland. Within a few weeks, the Germans had occupied half of Poland and the Soviet Union invaded the rest, including Lwów. The family discovered the reality of life in comrade Stalin's empire: destitution, arrest, imprisonment, beatings, show trials on false charges, deportation to slave labour camps, and executions.
After enduring months of slave labour in the gold mines of Kolyma in Siberia, Stanislaw was among the small percentage to survive: in 1941 Germany invaded the Soviet Union and Polish prisoners were released to join a Polish army to fight the Germans. He fought in the battle of Monte Cassino in Italy after which he met his wife, a veteran of the Warsaw uprising. Following the end of the war, they moved to Britain and from there they migrated to New Zealand to join other family members who had been sent out in 1944. Initially, Stanislaw worked in a car assembly factory in Petone, but upon deciding to resume accounting studies, got a job in the Department of Industries and Commerce in Wellington, the boss of which was the notorious Moscow-aligned William Sutch. After years of no promotion, Stanislaw decided to change employers and went to the Totalisator Agency Board or TAB, eventually working his way to the top position of General Manager. The story of the Dabrowski family, scattered by the storm of war, eventually establishing new roots on the other side of the world, is both fascinating and inspiring.

Dabrowski, Stanislaw. Published 2011 Transpress NZ
ISBN 978-1-877443-02-2

Drawings from the Gulag

Featuring over 130 drawings and texts by Danzig Baldaev – author of the acclaimed Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Volume I, II, III – this book describes the history, horror and peculiarities of the Gulag system from its inception in 1918. Baldaev's work as a prison guard allowed him to travel across the former USSR where he witnessed scenes of everyday life in the Gulag first-hand, chronicling this previously closed world from both sides of the wire. The drawings, made during the Communist period, form a devastating document, a haunting echo of the works of Varlam Shalamov and Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. With every vignette, Baldaev brings his characters to vivid life:
from the lowest zek (inmate) to the most violent tattooed vor (thief), the practices and inhabitants of the Gulag system are revealed in incredible and shocking detail. He documents the contempt shown by the authorities to those imprisoned and the transformation of these citizens into survivors or victims. This graphic depiction exposes the systematic methods of torture and mass murder of millions undertaken by the administration, as well as the atrocities committed by criminals on their fellow inmates.

Danzig, Baldaev. Published 2010 FUEL Publishing
ISBN: 9780956356246

Janek, a story of survival

Dowling, Alick. Letchworth, Ringpress, 1989.
ISBN 0-948955-45-7.
Online review:

And God Was Our Witness.

Edwards, A. Bloomington, 1st Books, 2002. ISBN 0759673152
1st Books Library,
2595 W Vernal Pike, Bloomington, IN 47404
Tel: 1-800-839-8640